Geographical location

The village we suggest for you to spend the holidays is located in the east side of the country at 12 kms from Faget, at the bottom of the Braiul Mare mountain, in the Poiana Ruscai Mountains, massif situated between the river of Mures and Portile de Fier (the Iron Gates). The village lies along the Gladna Valley on the Rozalia banks, at an altitude of 300 ms.

Flora and Fauna

In the region there grow ash-trees, horn beams, elm-trees, limes, eadible chesnut trees, plants protected by the law. In the meadow, there grow various flower such as: white daffodils, crocuses, etc.
The fauna is represented by pheasants, woodpeckers, squirrels, hares, wild bears, deer.

Climate and Hydrography

The anual average temperature is of +10 -11 C;in summer, in July, the temperature ranges between 21 and 23 C. The average global radiation: 115-120 kcal/sqm/year. Precipitation - the anual average quantity: 734 mm (maximum in June, minimum in February). The Rozalia brook crosses the village and it flows in the lake of Surduc, at about 3 kms of the village.

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