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  • Estimating and metrics
  • Quality issues
  • Risk management
  • Financial appraisal
  • Programme management
  • Project management software
  • Automated tools
  • Project management organisations and institutes
  • Project management in general:

    Articles on project management:

    Project management methods:

    Estimating and metrics:

    Quality issues:

    Risk management:

    Financial appraisal:

    Programme management:

    Project management software:

    Automated tools:

    • Try Software Methods and Tools for links to all kinds of tools etc.
    • elementool, Inc. have a web-based bug tracking tool
    • IT Business Tools helps IT departments manage their work. Standard forms available on-line for managing user requests, change control etc.
    • solutiontool's interaktive CD-ROM auf Methoden Lösungsfindung (in German)
    • 21st Century Bell provides project management tools, risk management tools and strategic assessment tools of projects useful in managing global projects
    • Conduct your very own financial appraisal using pay-back period, net profit and discounted cash flow automatically!

    Project management organisations and institutes:

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