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Comparing screencasting tools

Will add Capture Fox add-on, screenr.

  • recording duration is not limited
  • size/position of recording window can be configured
  • buttons to start/stop/preview/upload the video
  • embed code for sites/blogs
  • embedded on cirip.euexample
  • without accounts, the personal videos can not be retrieved/deleted

  • the twitter accounts are used
  • you can manage your videos
  • link to video can be sent to twitter, together with a comment
  • other users’ videos can be browsed, favorited, tipped
  • embed code for sites/blogs
  • embedded on cirip.euexample
  • the most important is that the recording button is on screenjelly web page, thus at least the moment you stop the recording appears on video
  • no embed code
  • duration limited to 3 min (usually this is ok).

ScreenJelly would become a better alternative, if the window to record would be configurable, and if the buttons to start/stop would appear on the current page.

Posted by Carmen at 11:12:25 am into the following categories: Tehnologii Web

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Thanks for sharing this with us. Have you tried camtasia studio and/or jing? And if you have, how do they compare with the above. I need to work on video tutorials so your comparisons are valued. Thanks

Posted by: Anne Mirtschin [Visitor] on 07/31/09 @ 11:42

Cool article, but I wanted to point out that Screenjelly actually does have an embed code.

Posted by: Omer Zach [Visitor] on 07/31/09 @ 20:50


Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment.

Ann, I'll try to add the facilities provided by other screencasting tools tomorrow, I'll let you know.

Omer, congratulations for this tool. Indeed I found that you just added the embed code facility.

So on our microblogging platforn cirip.eu, ScreenJelly videos can be embedded if the link is provided. Thus you can show what you work, how an applications functions - please see above.

Have a nice weekend,

Posted by: Carmen [Member] on 08/01/09 @ 10:39

Maybe some interesting additions to this post are the checklist of criteria for selecting a screencasting tool at http://www.indoition.com/screencasting-tool-choosing.htm, as well as the list of screencasting tools at http://www.indoition.com/screencasting-tools-survey.htm.

Posted by: Marc Achtelig [Visitor] on 01/27/10 @ 16:49

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