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Grundtvig 3 Course - Open Distance Learning ? Teacher Training

The Grundtvig 3 Course - Open Distance Learning ? Teacher Training ( Reference Number: IT-2006-048 ) will be organized during 10 - 14 July 2006, in Urbino - Italy.

The objective of the course is to introduce the participants to considerations needed before successfully providing ODL. Focus will be on:

? the ideas and concepts of ODL
? pedagogy of ODL
? reusable Learning objects
? identifying and analysing needs and wishes
? looking at examples of best practice
? examining the components of ODL
? Evaluation, legal aspects and quality.

Participation fee:

1250 ? (all included: tuition, excursions, course materials, book, full-board). Only travel to and from Urbino is not included.

Registration and application for a grant:

If you want to apply for a grant it is essential to follow the following procedures:

1. Send an e-mail to training.2000@provincia.ps.it with your name, your function, your private address, the address of your institution and your fax number. Also give us a short description of your experience in ODL. You can do this by completing the form attached to this document and by sending by e-mail to training.2000@provincia.ps.it and / or by fax to +39 ? 0721-979988.

2. You will receive a statement from Kylene De Angelis (by fax and by post) if you have been accepted on the course (pre-inscription)

3. Request a grant application form from your national agency. You can find the address of your national agency on: http://europa.eu.int/comm/education/programmes/socrates/nat-est_en.html

4. Send the application, together with the pre-inscription statement to your Socrates national agency.

5. Deadlines for submitting the grant application are flexible depending on the country: ask your national agency!

6. If you receive a grant from your National Agency, immediately notify the course organisers: training.2000@provincia.ps.it. You will then receive the final letter of acceptance.

The course organisers:

This course, organised by Training 2000, is the result of the Grundtvig 1 project ?IAML?? co-ordinated by the Het Gemeenschapsonderwijs (Belgium ? Flemish Community). The partners are: Provinciaal Onderwijs (Belgium); Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium); Odense Seminarium (Denmark); Training 2000(Italy); Universidade Aberta (Spain); Edinburgh University (United Kingdom); Pedagogick? Fakulta Ostravsk? Univerzity (Czech Republic); Eesti Taiskasvanute Koolitajate Assotsiatsioon Andras (Estonia).

More information:

Contact: Elmo De Angelis or Kylene De Angelis
Training 2000 snc
E-mail: www.training2000@provincia.ps.it

Posted by Carmen at 09:04:13 am into the following categories: eLearning in firme, LLL, eLearning in scoli/facultati, Notes in English

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