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How to create a group RSS?

There are situations when you need a group RSS starting from a few RSS feeds:

  • If your site provides more RSS feeds, you can offer the possibility of subscribing to a single one, to the group RSS; as example, the four RSS feeds produced by Timsoft have as equivalentTimsoftRSSs, a Blogdigger feed, and are listed on this page.
  • Students participanting in my online courses implement sites providing RSS. To monitor their projects I create a group RSS; all the students subscribe to this one too, thus having the image of all projects.
  • Sometimes you would like to have a single RSS which to contain the items of your favourite newspapers RSS feeds.

Which systems can "mix" RSS feeds?

Please find a list below:

::1::Blogdigger Groups:

  • create a group RSS, starting from a few RSSs or an OPML file;
  • a HTML page of the group is built, which displays the new items;
  • search operation is possible, also search feeds can be created;
  • I consider this is the best solution;

::2::FeedPaper - a Feedster service:

  • you can obtain a HTML page which lists the items of the RSSs in group;
  • options to import OPML and to create the group RSS are not implemented;


  • creates a group RSS,  starting from a few RSSs;
  • option to import OPML is not implemented;

::4, 5, 6::RSSMix, FeedJumbler, FeedCombine:

  • create a group RSS,  starting from a few RSSs;
  • a HTML page of the group is built, which displays the new items;
  • option to import OPML is not implemented;


  • create a group RSS,  starting from a few RSSs;
  • different search filters can be applied;
  • option to import OPML is not implemented..

Do you know other similar services?
Which group RSSs have you created?


  • TagCloud starts from a few RSSs or OPML and creates tags; this service is used "to disclose" which are the top subjects of the Romanian Blogosphere - please take a look at ROTags.
Posted by Carmen at 05:01:46 am into the following categories: Despre RSS, Notes in English

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