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How to determine Bloglines subscribers number

Fernando Plaza Blog?s 02 Experiment is a nice tool which compares the Bloglines subscribers number of two weblogs chosen from a list ( it would be better if the links to the weblogs would appear too, not only their names ). Also you can add your weblog if it has over 200 subscribers.

via @rgumente

I would like to make a few comments on how the number of Bloglines subscribers can be calculated and on the importance of this metric.

How people read a weblog? A few variants would be:

  • subscribing to the weblog RSS feed of ATOM using an aggregator - see a list of aggregators
  • using a RSS Reader ( desktop application )
  • subscribing by e-mail - a few services can be used
  • visiting the weblog site.

A recent survey reveals that only 11% of the weblogs readers use RSS to monitor them.

Only if the feed is provided by Feedburner you can find the total number of your readers who monitor the RSS.

Presuming that the percentage of the readers who use Bloglines is similar for most of the weblogs, to know the Bloglines subscribers number is important, being an useful metric for the weblog value ( notoriety, visibility ).

Bloglines API doesn't offer this value.

You can find a weblog subscribers number by browsing a Bloglines account - see mine - or by browsing the Feed Directory - the search service here would be more useful if it would return the weblog having the name specified.

So a program which to display the number of subscribers should determine the siteid value of that weblog starting from an account which contains that weblog.

For each entrance in Romanian weblog/RSS collection, the number of Bloglines subscribers is displayed - here is for eLearningBlog.

Below are the steps which are used in order to determine the number of Bloglines subscribers:

I think that also for Fernando Plaza Blog?s 02 Experiment, the author subscribe to those weblogs before being able to calculate and display the number of subscribers.

Monitor tool visibity at BlogsBattle.

Which is your opinion related to the importance of knowing the Bloglines subcribers number and did you find other better variants to determine it?

Posted by Carmen at 01:11:02 am into the following categories: Despre bloguri, Despre RSS, Notes in English

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