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ReadBurner and Shared Reader - or new ways to find popular news; Google Reader and Bloglines - possible new facilities

ReadBurner Shared Reader

Two new tools, ReadBurner and Shared Reader, show the items shared on Google Reader by the most numerous users.

via louisgray.com - Shared Reader Latest to Take on Google Reader Shared Item Rankings

The shared items lists of those users are displayed also, similar with the collections of those who saved a particular resource at  del.icio.us. We can speak here about loosly coupled online communities who share domains of interest.

ReadBurner offers language filter, while Shared Reader publishes tops for shared lists and for the sources of the shared items. 

These new tools are interesting because you can find in real-time news / information, which are appreciated by many users.

I would say that because the tools process the lists added by users to their databases, the results are not very relevant. 

I pressume it's possible that Google Reader will provide soon the facility of displaying the items shared by the most numerous users, also tops of the sites / blogs with the most numerous subscribers using Google Reader / iGoogle.

Google Reader could publish for each RSS feed, together with the subscribers number and the posting frequency ( which exist now ), the medium number of users who share items from that RSS per item. For this blog this could be as below:

propunere Google Reader

Share items of Google Reader is similar with Clip / Blog This at Bloglines, which could also provide the top of the items saved by the most numerous users.

Here the information for an RSS feed could include not only the subscribers number, but also the citations number, the frequency and the medium number of Clip / Blog This per item. As example, for this blog:

propunere Bloglines

The maximum number of users who can share an item on Google Reader is equal with the subscribers number of that RSS feed. We can find this number at Google Reader / Discover / Search and Browse, providing the feed address.

Let's take the blog louisgray.com, which is monitored by 159 persons with Google Reader. For the note Shared Reader Latest to Take on Google Reader Shared Item Rankings, which was commented on 3 blogs and saved by 4 users at del.icio.us:

It would be interesting to be able to seach for a blog address on ReadBurner and Shared Reader ( or Google Reader ), and to display the items which were shared and the numbers of shares - this would be another metric for a blog visibility / notoriety. 

Similar Bloglines could provide for a blog address the number of items saved at Clip / Blog This.

One of the RomanianBloggers Survey conclusions was that Google Reader si Bloglines are the most popular aggregators.

Posted by Carmen at 02:45:23 pm into the following categories: Despre bloguri, Despre RSS, Notes in English

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