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Some principles of ( online ) learning

Five years ago, when I was trained to become Online Instructor for UMUC, one of the papers I have to study and to debate with my colleagues was the wonderful article Seven Principles of Good Teaching Practice written by Dr. James W. King from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The principles are listed below:

  1. Encourage Student- Faculty Contact
  2. Encourage Cooperation Among Students
  3. Encourage Active Learning
  4. Give Prompt Feedback
  5. Emphasize Time on Task
  6. Communicate High Expectations
  7. Respect Diverse Talents and Ways of Learning.

See new adaptations of these principles and a table with these principles for traditional and online instruction.

Since then I have read and have written a lot of articles on this topic.

Two days ago I found a very clear article at Xplanzine: Parables on Learning - The Basic Principles by Rob Reynols:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Collect wisdom
  3. Don?t compartmentalize
  4. Be free
  5. Promote good character
  6. Be open and clear
  7. Have fun
  8. See abundance
  9. Embrace community
  10. Be spiritual

--I will extend this note, explaining how I apply all these principles in my online courses;
just to find a little time for this--

Posted by Carmen at 01:39:29 pm into the following categories: Cursuri online, Notes in English

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