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Statistici webloguri

The Register tocmai a publicat articolul 8,000 bloggers born every day, in care se specifica faptul ca intre 8000-17000 noi weblog-uri apar zilnic, conform statisticilor de la Technorati, care urmareste peste 3 milioane de weblog-uri. Doar 20% prezinta stiri utile unei comunitati pe care o mentin in jurul lor.

Survey-ul The Blogging Iceberg din octombrie 2003 al Perseus Development Group estima existenţa a 4 milioane de weblog-uri.

Potrivit acestui studiu, weblogerii activi publica noi mesaje in medie o data la 2 saptamani, doar 100000 de weblog-uri sunt actualizate saptamanal si 50000 zilnic. Procentul weblog-urilor cu nanoaudiente este foarte mare.

Ar fi interesant de urmarit o statistica pe aceleasi criterii pentru weblogurile romanesti.

In 16 iunie eMarketer a publicat un studiu Are Blogs Ready for Prime-Time? ( 17,159 weblog-uri analizate ) realizat de BlogAds ( advertising online pentru weblog-uri, similar Google AdSense ).

Cateva concluzii referitoare la profilul cititorilor de weblog-uri:

  • 54% din informatii au ca sursa Internetul
  • 21% au weblog-uri proprii
  • 46% se descriu ca lideri de opinie.

Iar motivele pentru care weblog-urile sunt citite:


Cateva observatii interesante pot fi facute accesand si:

  • BlogStreet - pentru un weblog se pot vizualiza cele similare sau cele care il listeaza in blogroll
  • Waypath - Buzz-o-meter - grafic al aparitiilor unor termeni in weblog-uri
  • Weblogs - lista weblog-urilor actualizate in fiecare minut al zilei curente ( cam 1/sec ).
Posted by Carmen at 06:22:59 am into the following categories: Despre bloguri

Tips for webloggers

Let's learn from the others:

1. Blog Tips - Central Register: "There are no hard and fast RULES of how to blog - basically:
it's about being true to yourself,

getting what's inside you into cyber space,

connecting with others and

growing in your ideas as you interact with them."

2. Rebecca Blood - The Weblog Handbook -
Weblog ethics:
Publish as fact only that which you believe to be true.

If material exists online, link to it when you reference it.

Publicly correct any misinformation.

Write each entry as if it could not be changed; add to, but do not rewrite or delete, any entry.

Disclose any conflict of interest.

Note questionable and biased sources.

Weblogs: a history and perspective

There is a blog in your future

3. 3 Steves and a Blog:
be short and brief,

find your voice,

draw connections,

be human,

4. Downes's How to be heard:






audio and video blogging


5. Tips and Suggestions for Launching a Successful Blog


Find your voice: find your style - two weblogs more than original: daily notes starting from an image of himself - 09h09 - or from wife's shoes - Blogger me!.
Posted by Carmen at 06:18:16 am into the following categories: Despre bloguri, Notes in English

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