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Celebrating BlogDay

See also Before BlogDay and Echoes.

Please consider each weblog in Romanian Weblogs Collection ( over 300 ) and in my Bloglines Collection ( over 1200 ) as a recommendation for 3108 This!.

The BlogDay rules specify that the recommended weblogs should be new, different from the own culture, point of view and attitude.

It's hard to select only five, but here it's an attempt.

All five are weblogs written by young Romanians:

How do you find my proposal?

Don't forget to browse the weblogs recommended by the other participants in BlogDay at Technorati Tag ( RSS ), IceRocket Tag ( RSS ), and BlogDay2005 Guten Tag ( RSS ).
You still have time to join us in this celebration!

Posted by Carmen at 06:47:26 pm into the following categories: Despre bloguri, Evenimente, Notes in English

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Thank you very, very much for picking our blog as one of your favourites. We are honoured.

Posted by: ROBO Design [Visitor] on 09/02/05 @ 12:50

Dear Friends, Thank you for your visit and message. It was a good opportunity to celebrate your talent too. My best, Carmen

Posted by: Carmen [Member] on 09/02/05 @ 15:05

Hi Carmen

How would I go about getting my blog listed in your directory? (I'm guessing it would fall under "foreigner's weblogs" :-))

I've just come across yours and am enjoying it. Apologies for not writing in Romanian - I'm learning it slowly (in competition with Hungarian) and while my receptive skills are coming along fine, my prouctive skills (and especially writing) are very slow.


Posted by: Andy H [Visitor] on 09/07/05 @ 16:28


Thanks for your message.

Your valuable weblog is now in the Collection.


Posted by: Carmen [Member] on 09/07/05 @ 17:07

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